ELAN provides you with entertainment, comfort, security, communications and lighting home systems that work together in perfect sync to create the ultimate home experience. And you are at the heart of it all, controlling the systems with one touch.

Much like the rooms in your home are an individual expression of you, your family, and your life – ELAN creates an individualized system that enhances the way you live every day. From entertainment and comfort to better communications and peace of mind, ELAN has the whole-home system for you.

With ELAN, one touch of a button gives everyone in the home access to their favorite music where they want it from one centralized system. Simultaneously Mom enjoys her favorites in the den while the kids rock out in the basement. When it's party time, one touch delivers your favorite playlist of music throughout the entire home - even out to the patio, deck and pool. It’s entertainment like never before.

Crystal-clear hi-def pictures in every room as well as the Home Theater. Gain one-touch access to favorite cable stations and DVDs throughout the house. Everyone gets what they want, when they want it. With ELAN, gone are the days of fighting over the show to watch and remotes all over the table.

Life can be hectic enough without having to go up and down stairs just to turn off a light. Touch a screen from the bedroom and the house lights turn off. Speak with visitors at the door - and then, with one button press, let them in. Even announce that dinner’s ready through in-ceiling speaker systems.

Integrate security seamlessly into your home system delivering a new state of mind attained by knowing your loved ones are safe and sound. ELAN lets you see who’s at the door before you open it; see the backyard from the bedside, and watch the kids at play in the pool from any TV or touch screen.

For more information email info@mclean-electrical.co.uk